Saturday, October 16, 2010

Smoothies can make a smile! :)

I had to work again Thursday, and since last Thursday didn't go so well I thought I should give myself a pick-me-up.  So, before I went into work I grabbed myself a delicious Caribou Carmel Cooler.  But then I remember that I wasn't the only server for this Thursday.  I knew there was going to be another server, and since I knew he didn't like coffee, I figured I'd pick him up a smoothie.  Everyone needs a pick-me-up when it comes to work...

Turns out, he was having a rough day.  His cat had babies and only 1 of the 3 survived, he didn't get much sleep and his grandma had to go into the hospital for an immediate surgery (she is 93 and pretty fragile).  The little wild berry smoothie made him smile.  I was so happy I could do just a small gesture to pick his day up just a little bit.  

What have you done to brighten someone's day?  

Cost: $4.59
Time: 3 minutes
~Part-Time Barista

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  1. Aw Nicolle, I love hearing stories like this! It inspires me to do more little things, I'm excited to keep reading your blog! :)