Monday, November 29, 2010

Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers?

I want to talk a little bit about this notion of finders keepers, losers weepers.  I received a phone call from my friend's fiance at about 1:30a.m. on Wednesday night.

Apparently, my friend had lost her engagement ring.  Not surprising, she was hysterical and needed someone to calm her down and quite frankly, her fiance just couldn't do it at the moment because he was a little upset himself.  She was sobbing to the point where I thought she was going to have to pass out and have to go to the hospital.  With motherly words, I calmed her down and told her to search in the morning for her prized possession.

Thankfully, after searching the several parking lots and sidewalks she was on, she found her ring with no damage.  What a sigh of relief!  Now, this story could have ended much worse.

Perhaps someone had found that diamond ring and kept it.  I can't even begin to explain to you how upset my friend would have been.  I guess the point of this blog is just to remind you, that when faced with a difficult situation at hand, such as finding a valuable good, think about what you would want others to do.  Would you want someone to keep your engagement ring or return it to the nearest store in hopes that someone tries to reclaim it?

I know in the past I have turned in money I've found in hopes that the person who lost the money would try to retrieve it.  I felt like it was a win-win situation for me.  If I returned the money and someone claimed it, that would mean it went to the rightful owner.  This particular time, it worked in my favor and I ended up being $40 richer because no one tried to pick it up.  I attempted to do the right thing so I didn't even have a guilty conscious about the money either.  See? A win-win situation.

So just remember this the next time you are faced with a decision...what would YOU want someone to do if you lost something?  Finders keepers, losers weepers?

Cost: $0
Time: 5 minutes to return something

~Golden Rule Follower

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Kindness Project

As I have said before, I have received several stories and people sharing their stories with me about acts of kindness they have witnessed or blogs they have read.  A girl that I went to college with explained to me that she also had a blog that was similar to mine.

Her blog is call The Kindness Project and it is co-written by 3 people that enjoy inspiring others to do random acts of kindness.  It is a pretty neat blog and you should check it out!

Time: However long you take on their blog
Cost: $0

-Fellow Kindness Spreader

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


As most American's know, tomorrow is Thanksgiving!!! :)  This is one of the best days of the year because it is a day to pretty much stuff your face with some amazing food.  Home cooked, store-bought or even at a restaurant, there's food everywhere.  My kind of day!

But the real purpose behind this holiday is to give thanks.  I am thankful for every one of you readers! I appreciate you taking the time to listen to some of my ramblings and sometimes even commenting! (Which, by the way, I love reading your comments!)  It means a lot to me.  Some of you I don't know and some of you are my best friends, either way, thank you.

I am also very thankful for the people around me.  They provide me with the love and support I need and I couldn't make it in this world if it weren't for them.

What are you thankful for?  Take 3 minutes and comment on this post and tell me!!!  I'd love to hear your responses.

Time: 3 minutes
Cost: $0


Monday, November 22, 2010

Free lunch!!!

As the end of the semester rolls around, a lot of people start have a $0 balance on their Jacket Express Card-our college's meal plan and it is basically a debit card but you can spend it on more than food.  Dangerous. I know.  With that being said, from time to time, you go to check out at the dining halls and the person in front of you is standing there and the check-out lady is saying, "Your card is reading insufficient funds."  You are standing there with your food in hands, stomach growling and annoyed.  This is where a I stepped in.

I saw the look on this girl's face.  She was a freshman and thought that once you ran out of money on your card, it switched from a debit card to a credit card and you could spend as much money on it as you wanted.  WRONG.  Instead of having her stand there and figure out what to do, I just offered to pay for her lunch.  I have no clue who this girl was or what her situation, but she needed lunch.  I swiped it on my card, which for once I have a surplus---Mom, you should be proud. :)

So if you see an opportunity to give someone $.10 at the check-out counter or see someone short on cash and you have the means to help, give it a try.  I felt great afterwards!

Cost: $10 (The girl did have a slightly expensive lunch, haha)
Time: Saved me 5 minutes

-Lunch Distributor

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Guest Blogger!

Here is the story I have been telling you about all week!  I met Jess in one of my classes last year and she reached out to me and asked if she could write for my blog!  Her blog, Less Jess, got noticed and she appeared on The Robin Swoboda Show!  How great is that?!  Jess is a great person and I love her story.  I hope you do to!
It Just Feels Good
Many years ago I first heard the term Random Acts of Kindness.  I loved the idea of this concept.  I was excited when a movie called Pay It Forward came out, although I didn’t necessarily like the ending of the movie.  This idea of doing random acts of kindness for strangers really intrigued me.  I always imagined paying for the person on the toll road behind me but never did.  I just thought people might think I was weird.  So I never did anything really special.
Several years ago I met some co-workers for dinner at Longhorn at Southpark shopping center in Strongsville.  One co-worker, Lisa, left to use the restroom and came back with a story.  While in the bathroom a woman was crying.  Lisa proceeded to comfort the woman.  The woman had lost her sister that day. (Oh wow, this still brings tears to my eyes). She was there with her family because they had to grab something to eat after planning the funeral.  Lisa offered her love and comfort to this complete stranger in a public bathroom.  Vicki and I wondered what kept Lisa so long. Finally, Lisa returned to the table and told us what happened.
I had an idea but felt kind of embarrassed to share it, in case my friends shot my idea down.  I asked if they all wanted to pitch in for a gift certificate to Longhorn for the family.  The girls loved the idea; so all three of us pitched in and purchased a $60 gift certificate for the family.  I nervously went over to the table and placed the gift certificate on the table and said this is for your family and walked away.
When the family was finished with their dinner, they came over to thank us.  They said at first they didn’t understand what we had given them.  They really couldn’t believe we did this for them. We gave everyone hugs.  We had conversations about lost loved ones since all three of us had experienced that in our lives.  The family said they would be able to get through this because of people like us.
I don’t know their names or where they live.  I could pass them in the street today and not even know them.  But what I do know, it was one of the most amazing feelings to do this random act of kindness for complete strangers.  To this day, this pulls at my heart; especially since I have lost my own Mom since that time. 
"I expect to pass through this world but once; any good thing therefore that I can do, or any kindness that I can show to any fellow creature, let me do it now; let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again." ~Stephan Grellet
Jess Shultzaberger, Nicolle’s friend & Guest Blogger

Check out her blog!
Thanks Jess! I really appreciate the stories that I have received after starting this blog.  It is quite inspiring!   I encourage you to tell me some of your stories!!!  

Cost: $20 (per person)
Time: ~10 minutes
Reward: A great feeling.

~Jess, the Guest Blogger. 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Man. His Dog. And a Bus.

I was trying to think back on some different experiences in my life and how I really enjoy when people do good things for others.  I then remembered this man who came to campus about a year ago in a school bus painted.  He was the founder of this phenomenon called "One Million Acts of Kindness."

Him and his dog, Bogart, stood outside at my campus and passed out stickers that read "One Million Acts of Kindness."  I remember seeing him that day and wondering what he was doing there.  It's not everyday you see a school bus and a random old man standing around on campus.  I finally "walked past him" to see what he was up to and he explained to me his mission for everyone to accomplish one million acts of kindness in their lives.  What a great goal!  Of course I thought this man was a little bit kooky, but he had such an amazing challenge for everyone that I loved him!

His bus is covered in "kindness quotes."  So fun!!! 

According to his website he has 3 children and he is worried about the world they are going to be living in, which is where this whole idea came into place.  Pretty neat.

After standing out there all day I figured he was probably hot and hungry.  I got him a water and some pretzels.  He much appreciated it.

Here's my challenge to you.  Visit their website and try to challenge yourself to at least 10 acts of kindness a day.  A smile to a stranger, holding the door for someone, encouragement, etc.  Try it!  Let me know how it goes!!!

Time: His Life
Cost: Gas and a Bus


P.S.- GUEST BLOGGER TOMORROW!!! My friend Jess has a great story to share...make sure to check it out!!! :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Help from the Pros!

On Friday, I attended Public Relations Society of America's Student Day in Cleveland.  As a P.R. major, it is very important to stay on top of the industry and know what is going on in all aspects of the field.  If you want a job of course.  And believe me, I do.   So if you know any positions, feel free to pass them along. ;) 

Anywho, where I was going with this was that there were so many professionals that came out on Friday to give advice to us students.  There were people from all sorts of P.R. (Sports, corporate, agency, etc.)  It was so great to hear all of their suggestions.  I really appreciated getting help from real world P.R. professionals.  

Click here to see PRSA's other events.

Case in point, they helped me develop skills that I can take with me on job interviews, for my blog, with my social media and so on.  There are so many things to think about when it comes to PR that it is nice to have one arena that will show you all the different sides and give you advice about everything.  So thank you professionals, for putting on an interesting and informative day.  I hope some day I can help out others like you have for me.  

Cost: $0
Time: A day of work

-Grateful Student

P.S.---Look for a guest blogger writing soon!  She is one of my friends and has an amazing story to share!!  Coming later this week! :) 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Babysitting for Fun!

I have this friend.  She has 3 BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING kids.  As beautiful and amazing as they are, they are still kids and they are still a lot to handle.  Even though I have offered several times to watch her kids and babysit for her, so that she can have some "grown up time" with her fiance for dinner, drinks or ANYTHING, she never takes me up on the offer.  I love her and I know she loves her children, but boy does she deserve a break!

You can't deny it. These kids are so stinkin' adorable.

So, I decided to be proactive about the situation.  I personally think it would be FUN to have play with little kids.  I finally texted her today and asked her if I could watch her kids next Sunday.  She said yes. Finally, the break she needs.

Have you ever been proactive in a situation where you know someone deserves a break?  Or just done something for someone cause you KNOW they needed the help?  What was it?

Have a great week!!

Cost: $0
Time: 2-3 hours of fun with adorable little ones!

-Excited Babysitter!

By the way, that girl Sarah has dropped in the rankings!  Voting her to be Full Time Fabulous ends on Wednesday!!!  So make sure you vote for her!!!  Use as many e-mails as possible!!!

Secret Agent L

I posted my blog on my facebook wall, and a friend commented on my link, telling me that there was another blogger out there much like mine!  This person's blog is called Secret Agent L.  He/She is based out of Pittsburgh and does random acts of kindness and blogs about them.  I swear I didn't get the idea from this blog, however it is great to see that other people in the world care about each other!!!

Secret Agent L is a wonderful example of what we could do everywhere.  What would it be like if everyone started up a "secret mission" in their own towns and did nice things for everyone?  Perhaps the news stations might catch onto something positive?  Just a thought...

Time: 0 
Cost: $0

-Hopeful Blogger

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

You Got a Friend in Me!

Hello Readers!

I had a really tough weekend.  I found out some upsetting information and I was quite a wreck.  I had so many emotions, sad, angry, frustrated, hurt on and on.  Most of the weekend was spent crying.  I have definitely seen better days...

I am not very good at expressing feelings, mostly because I just like to be happy, all the time.  I have that emotion down.  However, when I experience any other emotion, I usually just end up crying.  This weekend was no exception.  The great part about this weekend (because I like to see the silver lining in everything) is that I have some of the most amazing friends a girl could ask for.  When I needed to just talk things out with someone, I had several friends ready to listen.  When I was crying and just needed someone to hug me, I had someone.  When I was at loss, friends talked things out with me.  I have my own set of angels around me always and this weekend just proved to me how truly blessed I am to be surrounded by so many people that love me.

So here is my lesson for this post:  When you know a friend is going through a tough time, just be there for them. Listen. Guide. Hug. Just be there.  It means the world to them.

Thank you to everyone who listened to me this weekend.  I truly appreciate it.

Cost: $0
Time: Maximum of 20 minutes of me talking their ears off

~Surrounded by BFFs

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I want to start this post off with a video from YouTube.  Click here to see the cutest kid ever!

Now that I hope you've watched that, I want to let you know what blood has to do with anything.

Today at our school we have a blood drive.  I LOVE giving blood and think you should too!  It saves up to 3 lives when you donate 1 pint.  More than 38,000 blood donations are needed everyday, so when The Red Cross says there is a shortage, they mean it.  I don't think it hurts that much AND you usually get something free (besides the beverages and cookies!)  Today, we get free Chipotle!! :)  Click here to see where you can donate.

Want to know something cool?  The number one reason people donate blood is because they want to help others.  There are good people out there.

Time: Usually about an hour
Cost: 1 Pint of Blood


Late Night Munchies...

I don't know about you guys, but I love a midnight snack.  It is quite possibly my favorite meal of the day! (Horrible, I mom used to always tell me "Through these lips and into my hips" when it came to eating right before bed).  She's such character!

Anywho,  how this relates to a random act of kindness.  My roommate was at work late and was stopping at Taco Bell before she got home.  Instead of getting food for just herself, and letting me suffer through the wonderful smell of Taco Bell and not having any, she texted me and asked if I would like anything.  Of course I took her up on the offer and enjoyed my pintos and cheese.  This is nothing huge, but I really appreciated her being considerate and asking me!

It's the little things that make people's days.  Have you noticed anyone making other people's day through small actions?

Time: ~30 second text conversation
Cost: I think Pintos and Cheese are about $1.00

-Appreciative Roommate

Monday, November 1, 2010

A Chance of a Lifetime..

Hello Readers!

So I have an opportunity for you to make a difference in someone's life in just a few short clicks.  A girl that I went to high school with is competing to be a blogger for Sunglass Hut.  I really don't know her but we're Facebook friends and like I said, we went to the same high school.  BUT, she has a fashion blog (Akron 2 New York) and it has pretty good advice that I like to take a look at from time to time...

Now, where the opportunity is to help her.  Like I said, she is competing to be the full-time blogger for Sunglass Hut.  The competition is call "Full Time Fabulous" and the contestants had to create a short video explaining why they should be picked.  Her video is ranked one of the most popular ones but just needs a little more help to make her into the finals!  All you have to do is vote for her.  It's simple to do and you may get a little something in return from Sunglass Hut for voting ;)

The link is here to vote!  She could win a full-time job blogging about fashion, a $100,000 salary, a fully furnished apartment in Manhattan, trips to fashion shows and more!  I really hope she gets the opportunity!  So help her out!!!

Time: ~3 minutes
Cost: $0