Monday, November 1, 2010

A Chance of a Lifetime..

Hello Readers!

So I have an opportunity for you to make a difference in someone's life in just a few short clicks.  A girl that I went to high school with is competing to be a blogger for Sunglass Hut.  I really don't know her but we're Facebook friends and like I said, we went to the same high school.  BUT, she has a fashion blog (Akron 2 New York) and it has pretty good advice that I like to take a look at from time to time...

Now, where the opportunity is to help her.  Like I said, she is competing to be the full-time blogger for Sunglass Hut.  The competition is call "Full Time Fabulous" and the contestants had to create a short video explaining why they should be picked.  Her video is ranked one of the most popular ones but just needs a little more help to make her into the finals!  All you have to do is vote for her.  It's simple to do and you may get a little something in return from Sunglass Hut for voting ;)

The link is here to vote!  She could win a full-time job blogging about fashion, a $100,000 salary, a fully furnished apartment in Manhattan, trips to fashion shows and more!  I really hope she gets the opportunity!  So help her out!!!

Time: ~3 minutes
Cost: $0



  1. I voted and I liked it. Her cat was cute with glasses on!

  2. I have been posting it in my yahoo group, on facebook and on twitter. I hope it raises her chances.