Monday, November 22, 2010

Free lunch!!!

As the end of the semester rolls around, a lot of people start have a $0 balance on their Jacket Express Card-our college's meal plan and it is basically a debit card but you can spend it on more than food.  Dangerous. I know.  With that being said, from time to time, you go to check out at the dining halls and the person in front of you is standing there and the check-out lady is saying, "Your card is reading insufficient funds."  You are standing there with your food in hands, stomach growling and annoyed.  This is where a I stepped in.

I saw the look on this girl's face.  She was a freshman and thought that once you ran out of money on your card, it switched from a debit card to a credit card and you could spend as much money on it as you wanted.  WRONG.  Instead of having her stand there and figure out what to do, I just offered to pay for her lunch.  I have no clue who this girl was or what her situation, but she needed lunch.  I swiped it on my card, which for once I have a surplus---Mom, you should be proud. :)

So if you see an opportunity to give someone $.10 at the check-out counter or see someone short on cash and you have the means to help, give it a try.  I felt great afterwards!

Cost: $10 (The girl did have a slightly expensive lunch, haha)
Time: Saved me 5 minutes

-Lunch Distributor


  1. This is awesome..I feel like a lot of people on BW's campus need this! :)

  2. For sure!! I agree that girl was prob so happy, it must have been awful to not have money to pay