Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Man. His Dog. And a Bus.

I was trying to think back on some different experiences in my life and how I really enjoy when people do good things for others.  I then remembered this man who came to campus about a year ago in a school bus painted.  He was the founder of this phenomenon called "One Million Acts of Kindness."

Him and his dog, Bogart, stood outside at my campus and passed out stickers that read "One Million Acts of Kindness."  I remember seeing him that day and wondering what he was doing there.  It's not everyday you see a school bus and a random old man standing around on campus.  I finally "walked past him" to see what he was up to and he explained to me his mission for everyone to accomplish one million acts of kindness in their lives.  What a great goal!  Of course I thought this man was a little bit kooky, but he had such an amazing challenge for everyone that I loved him!

His bus is covered in "kindness quotes."  So fun!!! 

According to his website he has 3 children and he is worried about the world they are going to be living in, which is where this whole idea came into place.  Pretty neat.

After standing out there all day I figured he was probably hot and hungry.  I got him a water and some pretzels.  He much appreciated it.

Here's my challenge to you.  Visit their website and try to challenge yourself to at least 10 acts of kindness a day.  A smile to a stranger, holding the door for someone, encouragement, etc.  Try it!  Let me know how it goes!!!

Time: His Life
Cost: Gas and a Bus


P.S.- GUEST BLOGGER TOMORROW!!! My friend Jess has a great story to share...make sure to check it out!!! :)

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  1. It just shows what one person can do if they take that step out of their comfort zone!