Saturday, October 23, 2010

Make a Difference!

Hello Friends!

Today is National Make a Difference Day!!!  For 20 years, USA WEEKEND and HandsOn Network have joined together to sponsor this day, which is the largest national day of community service.
Personally, I love community service and volunteering.  One of my most memorable volunteer experiences was in high school when I volunteered for a inner city ministry for an after school program.  The kids came from very broken homes and lived in pretty harsh conditions.  Most of the kids were around the age of 10 (give or take a few years).  I remember one time the minister asked the kids how many of them knew drug dealers or crack heads.  Almost all of the kids raised their hands.  I was in complete shock.  At that age, I don't even think I knew what drugs were other than what D.A.R.E. had taught me.  I just realized how much they needed some place that was a safe haven and some place where they could be kids and joke around.  It was quite a rewarding experience.

Have you ever had a memorable volunteer experience?  What did you do?
I challenge you to make a difference today in someone's life.

Cost: $0
Time: For high school volunteering, maybe 2 hours a  week.

Community Service Participant

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