Monday, October 25, 2010

A Little Excitement Never Hurt Anyone...

My Aunt Sue is one of the LOUDEST people I know.  Let me tell you, she is also one of the most excitable person I know.  I remember one time I arrived at her house in D.C. at 11:30 after her whole family had gone to sleep, but regardless, she hooted and hollered as soon as that door opened, saying "OH MY GOSH!!! NICOLLE, I AM SO GLAD YOU'RE HERE!" Everyone in the house woke up.  I love my Aunt Sue.

Loud aunt's aside, I want to talk about being excited for other people.  Regardless if you are having a bad day, or you're late to work, or you really could just not care about what the other person is excited some enjoyment for the other person.  

My cousin just got his first car.  It's a Saturn and he's wanted it for quite some time now.  He texted me on Saturday night with a picture of the car and said, "It's Mine!!!"  To be completely honest, him getting a car had no direct connection to my life.  However, I asked him a couple of questions and told him how excited I was for him.  He was just like a kid on Christmas happy!!! I was glad I could talk to him and share in his joy. 

Just being happy for someone else brightens their day.  And it could possibly brighten yours too?  

So go ahead, get excited for someone else!!!

Cost: $0
Time: 15 minutes total time of texting

~Your  Cheerleader. 


  1. Hey, this is from the LOUD aunt...and I would shout from the rafters how proud I am of Nicolle and what she is accomplishing in life. It is only the beginning...after college, the real fun starts. You make me happy, Nicolle.

    Here is my blog statement: Remember to have passion. I just received my manager's annual evaluation, and she and her boss love the enthusiasm and "passion" that I have for my work! I hope you find it in your career! It makes life fun. Best to you, Nicolle.

  2. Thanks Aunt Sue!! I'm so glad you love what you are doing...passion is so important!!!

  3. Everyone has a story - and if you take the time to show interest - it's amazing the things you learn. And everyone wins!! Zero dollars and some of the most enlightening time you might spend.