Monday, October 4, 2010

The Beginning...

Let's be honest...most news stories are about murder, stealing, fraud and on and on.  They usually leave me feeling scared, unhappy and upset at mankind.  So I wonder sometimes, where did all of the good people go?  Jack Johnson's song "Good People" explains my feelings (where my blog name came from). 

In order to combat all the negative attention and to remind myself that there are still good people in the world, I am going to do a few "random acts of kindness" each week and let you know how each one goes.

My first act of kindness I'm going to blog about was today.  My friend has a job that is down the road from where we live.  She doesn't have a car but is working about 20 hours a week in hopes of saving money to buy a car.  The total time it takes me to take her to work is approximately 10 minutes, however if she rode her bike like she usually does, it takes about 25 minutes.  It's actually nice for me to take her to work because we get to talk about what is going on in each other's lives. 

Time: 10 minutes
Cost: $0 (well, maybe a $.50 if you count the gas)

Until next time, see ya!
-Free Taxi

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