Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Honesty is the Best Policy!

I apologize for most of my blogs starting out with "At work the other night..." but seriously, the other night at work we had a pretty busy night.  There was a wedding reception for 50 people and it was Sweetest's Day, so we were busy in the restaurant too.

I don't know if you have ever worked in a restaurant or in a kitchen, but chefs can become quite testy when you're busy.  Understandably, however they get in their moods where no one can tell them anything...they are "in the zone."  After the night finishes up, they are usually exhausted and crabby from such a busy night.  Saturday was no exception.

After cleaning up the entire kitchen, our chefs were leaving around 11:30, until some frying oil spilled on the floor and they spent another 30 minutes cleaning it up.  It was midnight and our one chef was leaving.  I was still cleaning up at this time too when he came back in and asked, "Do you have a red car?  You should probably go check it out."  First of all, no one wants to hear these words.  Give me some kind of clue as to what happened to my car, was it broken into?  Did someone hit it head on?  What KIND of damage just happened to it?

Our chef felt real bad because he just got his first car, he's only had it for a week and he swiped my car with his front bumper.  Funny thing is, the mark that he thought he left on my car, wasn't from him and there was no damage from him on my car.

Moral of the story is, I'm sure he was pretty nervous to come talk to me.  Some people are SUPER protective of their cars and if there is one scratch on their car that wasn't there 5 minutes ago, they know. Fortunately, I am not one of those people and I was just really happy he told me.  It just shows he is an honest person and I like to know those are the kind of people I work with, so thanks!

Cost: $0
Time: 10 minutes, but gained a lot of respect in those 10 minutes

Short-nosed Pinocchio


  1. You're sweet. :)
    I just hope the situation I am in turns out as well as this one did. I bumped someone's car the other night in a parking lot. I left a note with my phone number on it, apologizing profusely. Hopefully they have mercy on my poor, tired soul.

  2. I'm sure they will. I left a note on someone's car once because the wind caught my door and my pink car left pink paint on a black Lexus! haha Thankfully, they called back and said it was no problem. Good luck!! Let me know how it turns out...

  3. I experienced a similar situation many years ago. I hit someone in a parking lot and it was the ultimate struggle - leave a note or not leave a note. After going back twice to either retrieve or put the note back - I finally left it. The person called later that day and was so grateful that someone was honest enough to leave a note (if they only knew). I learned a big lesson that day (it was probably 30 years ago) - Honesty is definitely the best policy. (by the way IMBAD is just little old me - Barb from RMH)

  4. Just goes to show - who we are is best shown when no one is looking!! Good for that guy!