Friday, January 28, 2011

Lesson learned...

So remember a few months back when I told you all about my co-worker hitting my car but telling me about it?  Well, I followed in his footsteps today.

I was waiting outside our schools recreation center when I started driving off and, I have no idea how I missed this, but I clipped someone's Jeep.  My mirror hit their tail light and cracked it.  A perfect addition to my day because just prior to this incident I found out it will cost me about $1350 to fix my car.  Irritated and annoyed, I thought about driving away.

But then, I remembered my post and how doing the right thing is sometimes hard, but...the right thing to do.  So, I wrote a note, scraped off their windshield (because of course it was covered in snow) and stuck put it under their wipers.

I haven't heard back from them, but I hope I can set things right for them.

Time: ~5 minutes to write the note
Cost: We shall see.

Honest Abe

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